Upcoming DWC Events

A reminder of the DWC Teas and Workshops coming up this semester. Mark your calendar!!

Tuesday, Sept. 30th – Composing Websites with Dreamweaver – 11:30-1:00 in Bac 254

Monday, Oct. 6th – Designing and Evaluating Audio Composing Assignments – 4 pm in Bac Reading Room

Friday, Oct. 10th – Recording and Editing Sound featuring Audacity and the English Dept.’s new audio recorders – 1:00-2:30 in Bac 254

Monday, Oct. 20th – Social Media in the Writing Classroom – 4 pm in Bac Reading Room

Friday, Oct. 24 – Composing Digital Books with Sophie Software – 1:00-2:30 in Bac 254

Friday, Nov. 7th – Video Blogging featuring the English Dept.’s new Flip video cameras – 1-2 in Bac 254

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd – Digital Media and Literary Pedagogy – 4pm in Bac Reading Room

Workshops provide hands-on experience with technology-use, and the Teas offer a space for reflexive conversation about the classroom. All are welcome!

1 Response to “Upcoming DWC Events”

  1. 1 Wioleta October 2, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    I’m very excited for the workshop on Sophie. The next time I teach 112 I’d really like to have my students redesign one of the books we read. I think this may be a nice alternative to students physically ripping their texts apart. (I will post more info about this assignment idea if I can find the notes from the presentation where I got the idea in the first place. Until then, does anyone recall a talk in which a professor showcased some of her students redesigned literature books? I can’t remember if this was a presentation in our English Department or CCCC — maybe DMAC?)

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