Audio text examples

Interested in incorporating audio text assignments in your class? Here’s a list of sites that you can turn to for example audio texts:

  • Of course, I suggest you first check out the student projects on the Digital Writing Collaborative site: there are a few examples of audio essays, narratives, and public service announcements.
  • NPR houses archives of many programs on their website, so you can pull those older programs into your class as examples. In particular, I suggest. . .
  • This American Life, a program that produces lengthy essays on a variety of topics (which can be good for ethnographic assignments, personal narratives, or humorous essays).
  • All Things Considered; this is a talk show that devotes chunks of time to specific topics, inviting guest speakers and listeners to interact and discuss their opinions. This talk show format could interest students in creating an alternative way to construct a public debate or argument project. 
  • Talk of the Nation and Morning Edition could also offer an alternative format (that of a news show).
  • This I Believe is a program that asks contributors to lay out some of their beliefs in an audio essay.
  • And now for a shift from NPR programs:
  • This site, from the Kent State library, offers an audio essay in process: the script, a screen capture of the files in Audacity, and the finished essay to listen to.

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