Audacity Workshop (10/10/08)

How and why audio composing – for either classroom practice or scholarly, creative pursuits? What are the affordances of implementing digital audio recording and editing into writing projects? Workshop agenda is posted here: audacity-workshop.

The DWC site has a link to student projects – with examples of audio projects.

Other examples of audio compositions: “Willie Young Rabbit Hunter” and “Reggie Jones, Lifeguard” (thanks to Abby Dubisar and Wioleta Fedeczko for offering these suggestions)

Click on the link to download Audacity to your own machine. If you want to export your Audacity files as MP3s (instead of .wav files), you must download the companion Lame program as well. If you are interested in a step-by-step guide through downloading both programs, click here to download a Word document (which you can also use in your own classes).

Some (potentially) useful sources:

  • This site, from the Kent State University library system, offers an audio essay in process: the script, a screen capture of the files in Audacity, and the finished essay to listen to.
  • Click here to go to a site with multiple forms of Audacity help: a user manual and a quick reference guide.
  • Go to this site to download a powerpoint presentation about basic Audacity tasks and layering audio files.
  • On Jason’s 101H blog site – there are a list of Audacity resources for you and or students.

Some Creative Commons Sites with audio files available to download:

  • (learn about creative commons)
  • ccmixter (music)
  • (music)
  • yahoo creative commons search(images and music)
  • ourmedia (audio and video)
  • (images, music, video)
  • * If you were unable to attend this workshop, or if you want more hands-on workshopping with either Audacity or the department’s new digital audio recorders, contact Jason or Bre with the DWC, and we can talk with you one-on-one or conduct a classroom workshop for your students.

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