kairos & fun & blogs

In my 113 classes students are required to blog weekly on their own blogs, writing about anything connected to the class. Recently students have been blogging about how they have nothing to blog about or are experiencing blog-exhaustion (my term) and having trouble staying motivated to write on their blogs. Now, in my teacherly opinion they have plenty to write about but that’s neither here nor there. The point of having them write blogs in the first place is that I want them to write and write regularly. Bonuses are the public (within the classroom community) and social aspects of the writing. In lieu of some students’ recent declarations that there’s nothing left to say on their blogs, I posted this entry, which may be fun or helpful for your own students. My students, so far, have had lots of fun, pure enjoyment really, with the prompt generator, linked at the first bullet point. In my class, as week eleven begins, the time is right for using blogs as a space for fun writing.

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