How to import from flip video cameras to windows moviemaker

From Aurora:

Pulling Video off the Flip for PC Users:
1. After plugging in the Flip, your computer will ask if you want to “Open Files”
2. Click on this link and you will see three folders on the Flip: DCIM, Mac Users, and System
3. Click on DCIM and you will see two folders: 100TRYME, 101VIDEO
4. Click on 101VIDEO and your video files will appear.
5. Drag your video files onto your desktop (or into your desired folder)
To Use Windows Movie Maker:
1. “Import” and choose Video
2. Drag/copy your videos from your desktop/file into the Imported Media window.
Trying to pull videos directly from the Flip into Windows Movie Maker (WMM) may result in Windows automatically closing WMM to protect against imagined attacks. Lame, we know. Unfortunately, you cannot turn this feature of WMM off. To be uber safe, have students close WMM while they are importing video, so they aren’t tempted to try a shortcut. Plus, creating files for your videos is just smart practice!

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