Universal Design and Disability Studies Resources

Dunn, Patrician and Kathleen Dunn De Mers. “Reversing Notions of Disability and Accomodation: Embracing Universal Design in Writing Pedagogy and Web Space”

Resources for Universal Design in the Writing Classroom

FAME modules on Universally Designed Writing Instruction

Disability and the Teaching of Writing: A Critical Sourcebook

Web Aim: Web Accessibility in Mind

Color Blind Web Page Filter

Lynx Text-Based Web Viewer (good way to get a sense of how screenreaders will read a site)

Society for Disability Studies

1 Response to “Universal Design and Disability Studies Resources”

  1. 1 garretrb March 4, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    I want to add just a bit more context to the “body biographies” assignment that I discussed. First, I borrowed/adapted the activity from Kristie Fleckenstein’s Embodied Literacies- just to give her credit. I implemented the activity in a 112 class in the narrative sequence- where I had the students individually create a body bio of the narrator of The Handmaid’s Tale- so, the students were to map the text onto the body of the narrator- and through this mapping, they engaged in a form of close-reading and analysis. Now, the assignment could be shifted to be a collaborative project, with the same idea of mapping the body bio of a character, or you can have them map their own body bios in response to a reading – or in response to the class (as a reflective sequence). I think this particular activity makes explicit body politics in terms of how the students construct the body, what gets mapped onto the body, where things get placed, etc. For example, in the sample that Fleckenstein shares, the students composed a half-male, half-female body- to show the gender dynamics of the student group (both males and females)- this choice alone indicates gender politics- what about transgender bodies and consciousness? Anyhow, this is meant to be experimental, but I do stress how this can be both an analytical and reflective activity.

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