Adobe Flash

I took a Library workshop today on Adobe Flash, and I wanted to share how easy it was to learn and how much you can do with it in a short time!  Here are some of the campus resources the facilitator mentioned in case anyone’s interested: 

list of interesting flash sites:

Safari e-books:  or through the MU Lib site>Online Texts>Safari e-books

Quick tips to summarize: 

You can quickly & easily create animation by importing picture and sound files into the Library panel.  Use the toolbox to create shapes, text, and other elements–the layout is very similar to basic Photoshop/Gimp and Microsoft Paint.  At the top of the page is a timeline that determines how long your animation will run; you can also choose to loop it or not when you go to Publish the project.  

To make an animation, create Layers for each element of your picture.  Then, insert Keyframes (right-click) to make new pictures and choose the Motion Tween button (right-click) to move the original picture to the next.  

Email me or check out the online tutorials through VTC (the Virtual Training Company, accessed through our ITS pages) for more ideas.

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