Springing Forward

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 Second, on Friday, Aurora Matzke facilitated the last DWC tea of the semester: Springing Forward.  We all discussed a number of issues, including reflecting on this semester’s workshops and teas, possible topics for workshops and teas in the spring, and ideas for using digital technologies to promote the teaching and learning of the ENG 112 curriculum.

 Chanon also proposed a neat idea of offering some sort of certificate program or something in digital pedagogy that people could earn (and list on their cv) for attending DWC teas and workshops and integrating digital technologies in their teaching.  The term “certificate” actually has specific academic heft (usually means 2 or 3 courses in a specified area), but I’ll talk with program and department administrators to see about how such a recognition program could be scheduled.

 We also discussed the possibility of holding a showcase of English 111/112 student work (all work).  Kevin suggested that either in conjunction with a f2f event or as a stand-alone event, we consider having students post and share work in a common online space to make an online gallery (sort of like what NCTE did with the Gallery of Writing except we’d have a Gallery of College Composition). This will be a topic of a tea in January. It might be we can’t organize anything for this year, but it’s something to work toward for next year.

The Springing Forward Tea Handout is attached!

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