Video Editing – DWC Workshop

Friday, Feb. 26, from 2:30-4:30, the DWC will have a workshop on “Advanced Video Editing” using iMovie & Movie Maker (in Bachelor 250). At this workshop, you may work with either iMovie (free video editing software that comes standard on Macs) or Movie Maker (free video editing software that comes standard on PCs) to practice importing video, audio, and still images, arranging and editing files, adding transitions, effects, and titles/credits, and delivering/publishing files. We will discuss the various file formats that work with iMovie and Movie Maker – and show you how you can easily convert files through a free, online file converter. By the end of the workshop, you will have a published movie! We will not work with the video or audio equipment at this workshop, but will focus primarily on the editing features of iMovie and Movie Maker. If you are interested in using video composing in your 111/112 classes – or for your own creative/scholastic purposes, join us this Friday.

Prior experience with iMovie or Movie Maker is useful but not required for participation in this workshop. Workshops provide hands-on experience with technology. If you have a laptop, please bring it to the workshop; we have a few in the classroom that we can lend out.

handout on imovie  handout on moviemaker  handout on shooting video

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