A Middle Ground for Privacy on YouTube

We’ve discovered that YouTube offers an Unlisted posting option for videos alongside its Public and Private options.  Posting with the Unlisted option (which, as with any YouTube posting, still requires the poster to have a YouTube login) makes the video viewable only to persons who have the direct URL (web address).  The video is not searchable, and therefore not Public, but neither is it available only to selected YouTube account holders, which is what the Private option entails.

Instructors teaching video projects who are interested in having students post their work to YouTube may find the Unlisted option to be a helpful sort of middle ground, since it enables use of the familiar YouTube interface while allaying some privacy concerns (since the video is shared only with a select group, e.g., the instructor, or the instructor and classmates) and eliminating the hassles that the Private setting can entail.

Students might of course still have concerns about posting their work online at all, or with sharing their URL with anyone but their instructor.  In such cases instructors might want to offer a Blackboard posting option for the video, or have the student e-mail the Unlisted video’s URL only to the instructor instead of requiring that it be shared with classmates, or simply have the student burn the video onto a disk to be given to the instructor.

See this page for more information on the Unlisted option on YouTube.

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