The Power of Wix: Making Web Creation Accessible

On February 22, Leigh Gruwell presented the various ways that she has used Wix in the composition classroom. Wix is a free online web creation tool that allows for an amazing amount of creativity. Though the many templates were great, what impressed us the most was the flexibility to create new templates piece by piece. In other words, students can use Wix to create truly original websites, both in design and structure. If you haven’t checked out Wix, you should.

Though many of Leigh’s examples illustrate how Wix can be a powerful tool for portfolio delivery, much of the discussion revolved around how Wix could be adapted for the remediation inquiry in the new ENG111. Definitely, expect to see more of this next semester as we continue to roll out the new ENG111 curriculum.

Here are some of Leigh’s examples from Florida State University:
Example One
Example Two
Example Three

For those of you applying for doctoral programs or going on the job market, you might check out Leigh’s professional profile that she made with Wix.

Last but not least, you can check out an example assignment sheet here

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