Teaching with Video (Digital Pedagogy Fair–Jon and Jason)

Making use of video editors can open discussions about rhetorical affordances and constraints of media. Click on this Prezi, Affordances of Video in the ENG 111 Classroom, for some of Jon Bradshaw’s explorations with the medium. All examples here are produced with combinations of iMovie and Audacity, though other video editors can create similar products.

Also, check out Jason Palmeri’s Designing/Assessing Video Composing Assignments for heuristics, curricular materials, sample student videos, and resources for incorporating video composition into your own pedagogy!

Finally, we will be demo-ing a new online video editor,  We Video. Wevideo works entirely within your web browser and it also integrates with google drive. Wevideo has much of the same functionality as iMovie (including multiple audio tracks and many useful effects). When you finish editing, you can export your video to youtube or your own computer. The free version limits you to exporting only 15 minutes of video a month with a small “We Video” logo. The inexpensive pay version allows for exporting longer, higher quality video without the logo. While we are still testing wevideo, we think it could be a great alternative to moviemaker for PC users (or for collaborative groups). Solo author mac users will still likely prefer imovie.


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