Video Composing Resources

Editing video:

Screen shots and Screen Recording:

Creative Commons Images and Sounds:

Downloading video from youtube and google video to imovie and moviemaker::

  • Zamzar (great source for downloading videos from youtube and others sites so that you can edit them. PC users should convert to .wmv while mac users should convert to .mov. The free version works well, but can take several hours. )
  • (this site allows you to directly rip and download the mp4 version of a YouTube video for editing in iMovie. The site unfortunately has no good option for PC/Windows Movie Maker users — see Zamzar above for a PC option.)
  • firefox media converter extension: If you have firefox (you can dowload it free), you can get the media converter extension which will download and convert on-line videos to .mov (for macs) or .wmv (for pcs). This is super fast and easy, but there is a limit to how often you can use it (and sometimes it doesn’t work).

For Instructors:

  • A link to Dr. Jason Palmeri’s blog from a workshop at Iowa State University on video assignments (including guidelines for several different video project assignments, as well as samples of student work):


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